Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jeez, Have I Been Remiss.

Wow, it's been over two weeks. Poor neglected li'l blog. Let's see what I can do to catch up.

Books - just finished Caryl Phillips' "In the Falling Snow," which was a bit of a struggle for me. Man goes through midlife crisis, gets divorced, has a teenage son he's struggling to keep a relationship with, and makes stupid decisions that get him put on administrative leave. It's a very nutshell summary of the book, but that's the main idea. Not really my bag, fictionwise, but it's coming out in September, so judge for yourself. I'm still running back to the Mary Todd Lincoln book in between book assignments, and I am enjoying it greatly.

My Uncle Bill is one of the reasons I became such a sci fi nut. As a kid, I can remember the bookshelves lining his room, with the greatest paperbacks. Well, he's been cleaning out his basement, and guess what I have? A box of those same paperbacks. Thankfully, my friend Chuck is as big a sci fi fan as I am, so I have someone to share these with or I'd be facing a divorce court. He's taking some, then we're swapping. I've never read Jack Vance, but he's got a bunch of novels in there, so I'm looking forward to checking some stuff out.

Knitting: Working on a pair of socks for Will, and still need to finish Baby Boyd's birthday gift. Sleeves are not cooperating. ARGH. I even e-mailed the designer, who gave me some helpful feedback, but now there's another problem on the horizon. Is it too late for me to just frog the thing and make something else? I may have to.

365 Photo project: That's going to be on hold until I remember to actually take the camera out with me every day. Who would have thought it was that difficult to remember?

And in other news, Heartbreaker kind of walked to school by himself today. I say kind of, because I let him go a half block ahead of Cutie Pie and me. I didn't scream out every time he walked in front of a garage (he did stop and look both ways each time), and I managed to not have a full-on cardiac arrest each time he crossed the street - 3 of them. He looked both ways each time, and jogged across. He looked back a couple of times, which made me feel good - at least he wanted to make sure I was there, right?

He crossed the final street, stood on the corner where the school is, and waved, saying, "'Bye, Mom!" He turned around and jogged through the playground to his entrance. My heart broke just a little more. When did I have a baby old enough to cross a street without me?

Cutie Pie informed me that I get "six kisses" in the morning, "and that's THAT." He also runs into the school building now, no last kiss at the door. My heart broke just a little more.

Being Mommy aches sometimes.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

As Promised, Pictures!

Hat for Baby Park (Heartbreaker's teacher's upcoming baby). Yup, it's my baby shower fave, the Umbilical Cord Hat from SnB. I used the last of my Adrienne Vittadini yarn, with baby alpaca goodness.

Square on the garter stitch baby blanket. I ran out of my main color yarn, the yarn store was closed, so I improvised and ended up pretty happy with the effect.

Full shot of the blanket; I even got crazy and did some crochet on the border.