Friday, December 12, 2008

Birthday Goodness a Little Early!

I was treated to more early birthday goodness this morning, when Cutie Pie and Heartbreaker demanded to give me my birthday gift from them, since tomorrow, I'll be throwing myself around the House of Blues like a psychotic 14-year old listening to The Wild Boys. Oh, wait a minute - I'll be a psychotic 38-year old listening to The Wild Boys!

So I got the cutest card ever, and something I'd been heavily hinting that I wouldn't be averse to receiving - a drop spindle and some roving to start me off with!

Many of you are staring at the screen saying, "What in the world is she talking about?" I will explain. I'm going to start spinning (well, attempting to) my own yarn! Roving wants to be yarn when it grows up. You need to spin roving into yarn (that's the most basic way to put it), and I've been thinking that I want to try it out and see if I like it.

Roving samples!

Das Kit! See the spindle in the back? And the fiber is alpaca - see the picture on the front? His name is Amos. I get to meet the animal whose teaching me to spin. Kind of like those Sally Struthers commercials, but not.

Gypsy loves herself some roving.

P.S. I've been letting the video for Wild Boys play on YouTube as I wrote this post. And I clicked back each time to catch the cuts to John Taylor's close-ups. Man, I've still got timing. And I'm sure I've terrified a bunch of you. Deal.
I'm off to play with roving now, and ingest massive quantities of caffeine. If you hear high-pitched squealing sometime tomorrow evening, you'll know that Duran just took the stage.

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