Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Books, Blogs, and School...

Still reading - the latest two are probably about 180-degrees from one another, but that's how I roll. I finished Bad to the Bone, an autobiography of a 'rebel dog' named Bo. It's cute, he's no Marley, and it went down quickly and easily. After that, I started reading Ghosts and Lightning, which is an Irish novel about a guy in his 20s who comes back to Dublin after his mom dies. Right now, it's kind of just "we did this... and then, we did this...", so I'm hoping an actual plot forms soon. It's not unpleasant reading, it's just that I want to see if this will go somewhere since I have to write about it.

Just finished my first Battletar Galactica novel, Unity - great stuff. It reads just like a good episode of the show. Cylons implant an airborne virus into a prisoner and send him back to Galactica. Illness and religious panic ensue.

The job search panic continues, so I decided to head to the alma mater to check out their alumni resources. Turns out, they actually had a lot of services in place, so I've joined up and hopefully something will come through. The Alumni Resources office were wonderful; they even gave me a goodie bag for coming in and confirming my information! (They still had my original address down - I haven't lived there in 14 years!) I got two baseball caps (I updated Mike's info as well), two wallets, two bookmarks and a copy of their alumni mag. Needless to say, the kids swarmed, and it was all I could do to hold on to one baseball cap for Mike.

I've gotten a jump start on the Summer Semester - the ivory tower awaits, looking at the coursework I've got ahead of me, but it's all good. I managed to get two of the four textbooks I'll need from libraries here in Queens, and I've requested the other two from NYPL, so hopefully they'll come in SOON. Heck, I may even find myself at the hallowed halls of Queens College again in the near future to see what Rosenthal Library has.

I've also been applying to scholarships right and left, and I came across one that I could promote here - so, if you guys wouldn't mind, at least look at the site and consider giving me a hand? It's through a site called, and the theme is "What Team Do You Play For?" You can check out my entry here, because for some reason, the code they're giving me to paste the entry here isn't working.

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