Monday, March 28, 2011

In Which I Delve Further Into Tech-Nerddom. I've been enjoying Trendy Topics conferences lately. They're virtual conferences on using technology in libraries, and my SJSU student status allows me to attend for free. I've been learning so much from these panels and come away fired up to do something, anything, right now. It's so exciting to be this passionate about my soon-to-be career. Tonight, I finally sat in on the QR Codes conference - Quick Review codes, the little black and white pixelated cubes you see all over the place these days? You download an app, usually free, use your phone's camera to snap a pic, and if you have the proper app downloaded, you'll likely see anything from a company website to a trailer to a link to a video tutorial. By the end of the second panel, I'd downloaded six additional apps - I'd already had one on my phone when I wanted to see a Target ad about a month ago - and made my own QR code. Sadly, JumpScan isn't available for BlackBerry just yet, but for those of you who do have JumpScan, I present... me: I'll add more to the profile as I get more comfortable with the whole code process, but for now, it's a fun start.

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