Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nerd Joy.

I finally went to a real, live in-person author event last night - and what an event to go to! I finally got to see Neil Gaiman, my favorite author since Anne Rice went a little crazy on me back in the Lasher days. Sandman, Neverwhere, American Gods, book after book, comic after comic, he's never let me down. (Okay - Interworld. But he wrote that with someone, and I couldn't find much Neil in that book.)

Gaiman, interviewed by Lev Grossman, was charming, funny, and just brilliant, overall. He read a selection from his 10th Anniversary edition (and "preferred text") of American Gods; he spoke about myths and whether or not we take our gods with us; he talked about what scares him, and he stated, definitively, that robots will not take over the world. It was a great evening with great friends. If only the line at the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck hadn't been so long, I'd have treated myself to a Bea Arthur (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, crushed Nilla wafers).

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Chaos Mommy said...

Ok so first, thank you for thinking the same way I do about Anne! She's brilliant, no doubt about it, but after Lasher... um... she lost me.

Second, totally geeking out about you seeing Neil! Amazingly brilliant. Would freak to hear him read an excerpt from American Gods.