Monday, December 12, 2005

It's official... sorta.

I'll be 35 tomorrow. Good God.

Mike threw me a Hello Kitty party this weekend - it started as a joke a couple of years ago, when I saw that Hello Kitty stuff was all over the place. Having been a huge fan of Hello Kitty back in the day, I griped that there was no fun Hello Kitty party stuff when I was a kid, and that Mike should throw me a Hello Kitty part when I turned 35. He took me up on it.

It was a blast - I have the greatest friends. I got a Hello Kitty CD/cassette player, Pez dispensers aplenty, slippers, bath sets - the works. Thanks to all of you. I love all of you.

Words can't describe this past year. It's been pretty rough, and I'm really not going to be all that broken up to see it go, but at the same time, there have been some great moments that I'd never trade. Aside from my kids and husband and the daily laughs that go with them, I've reconnected with some friends and gotten closer to others, and made some new ones. I saw Duran Duran twice (whoo hoo!) with my best friend from high school, and we acted like crazed 15 year olds all over again. Got to go to a wedding in Michigan that turned into a much-needed vacation and all-around great time. Read a lot of good books and some really horrible ones that I at least got a laugh out of.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad year after all.

So let me ask - I saw a template for a holiday family newsletter which of course, I downloaded. How cheesy would this be? I'm thinking of doing a quick 'n dirty one for the family I don't get to see too often. Would it be cringeworthy or cute? Let me know what you think.

Aw, crap. My printer heads need readjusting or something again, the picture I printed out just came out with lines again. Grr. Let me go call Mike, he handles this foolishness.


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday!! So glad I could be part of the Hello Kitty day.

I'm especially impressed with your husband for his food, presentation, and goodie bag making skills. Bravo.

Roe said...

Tomorrow's the day... good lord.

It was a lot of fun, wasn't it? I just keep forgetting to have Mike take pictures of me with people, I'm always the one behind the camera. I've become a lousy photographer.

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday!
I say go for it with the family letter, nothing is too cheesy at christmas.

Linda Sheridan said...

Happy birthday, Roe! I love your four 'feet' in the photo. Tres cute!
Here's to a better '06 for us all!

Stacey said...

Did you do anything fun??

Roe said...

Not really, my mom came over. I spent the day at Will's school book fair. Pretty sedate.

Blondie said...

Happy Birthday Roe! 35 ain't so bad...I hit that milestone 2 weeks after giving birth to Jasper. I don't even remember it.....



Roe said...

Jen!! How is the J-man doing? How are you?