Saturday, December 31, 2005

Vader loves Christmas!!
Auld Lang Syne

Another year about to go... I can't say I'll be sad to see the back of 2005, and have higher hopes for 2006. But there were good things about this year which I'll be glad to bring with me into the next.

Mike got me the Duran Duran Live From London DVD/CD set, which I'm happily blaring right now. Alex is happily crashing his Spiderman car into the wall unit, scattering the french fries from his Spongebob Kitchen all over the living room. Mike and I have almost gotten through the first season of Lost on DVD, so I can catch up to Season 2 in reruns. Will is with my mom, no doubt climbing the walls and demanding her to join him. Life is quiet, but good.
Helene sent me a birthday gift today, a nice long letter (we've been promising each other one for ages and, in a telepathic moment, sent each other one within days of one another), a Hello Kitty notepad with stickers, a CD, and a map of my favorite place in the world, Gamla Stan. It was a great way to start the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, curled up on the couch reading an actual handwritten letter from an old friend. I hope to have more of that in the new year. It made me think about how I'd race to the mailbox every day when I was in high school to look for a letter, and how I still do it now. We'd put pictures of Duran Duran all over the letters, stickers, you name it - anything within reach of our glue and looseleaf binders. Letters were a multi-sensory experience with us.
Now that I've got a printer, I think it's time to bust out my glue stick and scissors and write another letter. :-)
Happy New Year, everyone. And let's hope 2006 is a good one.


Lauren said...

I used to love writing letters. in college I'd write little bits in between classes so it would be all stream-of-conscoiusnesy. Somehow I'm not so good at it anymore. Last time I tried I kept feeling that whatever I thought of to write about was not important enough to put in a letter. i wonder why that is.

Roe said...

I did, too!! During a particularly snooze-worthy class, I'd just flip to a section in my binder and start writing away. I wrote so much to Helene at the time, it was like we mailed each other letters every other day.

I also got the feeling that my stuff wasn't important enough to write about anymore, what is that all about? I also felt, "Oh, I could just e-mail..." and then somehow never got around to it.

Sitting down and writing that letter was so soothing. I started another one this morning. I think my New Year's resolution will not be to freak about that damned 20 pounds anymore, but to actually get back to writing letters again.

How was Guy's party? Happy New Year!!

Stacey said...

Maya and I used to exchange letters when we were kids, we'd try to make the most creative paper we could, sometimes we'd cut the paper into a spiral and write all the way around it, or do a paper weave. They got pretty out of hand. I wish I had that kind of time again.

Roe said...

That is so cool. I'm definitely going to find time to write more.