Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Nature Girl

After watching the granola episode of Good Eats on Food Network the other day, I have been consumed with the idea of making my own granola. I LOVE granola. I eat it with my yogurt or by the handful. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack - it's all good. But sometimes, the good stuff is darned expensive (The Baker, I'm talking about you and your $5.49 a pound Maple Pecan goodness!) . So I hit the Food Network site and found Alton's granola recipe.

Oh. My. God. Alton is a genius. Much like Han Solo with the Milennium Falcon, I did make some of my own 'special modifications' - check the Domestic Goddesses blog out, where I'll post them in detail.

I could seriously eat this entire bowl right now. But alas, I must not. I will let it cool down and put it in a giant bag, where I can dive in at my leisure.

I sewed up my niece's hat. Now I have to get around to putting the sleeves on the sweater. I have to do this soon, the shower is on the 26th. Grr. Hate the sewing part of knitting.


Stacey said...

Fresh Direct makes some granola that is making me drool right now.

Lauren said...

Ooh I love the Baker pecan granola!

Roe said...

How awesome is that granola?? I've been slavering over it for at least a month, and finally just broke down and bought it. It was soooo good. But seriously, you have to try the Alton Brown recipe. I just finished the last of mine, whipping up another batch tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You should try making Jamie Oliver's granola. It's really good.

Roe said...

Do you have a link to the recipe?