Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dominic Monaghan Lets One Slip?

From FemaleFirst.co.uk:

Meanwhile, Dominic - who is romancing 'Lost' co-star Evangeline Lilly - also revealed he's bracing himself to be killed off in the show.

He said in a British magazine interview: "Yeah, I think my character could die. It's the nature of the show, isn't it? But I think you have to try to be philosophical about the whole thing.

Hmmmm... WTF? They went from having Charlie be a great character, someone who's worked through all the issues he's worked through, then turned him into a jerk and now possibly kill him off????

What the hell is J.J. Abrams doing to me?


Stacey said...

He's killing us slowly with our televisions...

I used to love Charlie... now he irks me...

Roe said...

I know, they completely screwed up a good character when they twisted poor Charlie.

Are there only four original episodes yet, or did that crap recap episode last week count as an original?