Friday, June 09, 2006


So after a rain-soaked run to B&N yesterday, I came back empty-handed. I saw no magazines that demanded I purchase them immediately, no matter how much I wandered through the racks.

Vogue Knitting? Still too intimidating at this fragile juncture of my knitting career. Creative Knitting? Wasn't feeling the pattern love. Knit.1? It's become horribly disappointing after the first two issues. Cutting Edge? Still not sure whether or not to commit to that many craft projects that will fall by the wayside.

Natural Health? I couldn't decide whether or not to buy it. Which probably means I'll get it this weekend. The yoga magazines (except for YogaLife, which I already have) are all too Zen for me at the moment. I can't contort myself that deeply yet, I'm lucky I can get both feet on the ground for a downward facing dog.

Saw a somewhat promising one, SheKnows, that seems like another entry into the health/wellness/fitness foray. I've been hemming and hawing for at least two weeks on this one, maybe I should just buy the damned thing.

I think I suffer from a surfeit of choice. Life was good when there was Prevention for Health and Glamour for everything else, but now there's 80 different magazines on every subject. You know I melt down when faced with big decisions, and at $5-$6 a pop, buying a magazine is becoming a big frickin' decision.

I'm meeting my mother for lunch today. I can't go back in there, or the BN security people will think I'm casing the joint.

Oh, and did 45 minutes of yoga again today. Serenity Now!


Stacey said...

All the mags I ever buy are trash...

Roe said...

I'm still in that "I used to get People for free, I can't pay for it..." mode. How sad have I become?

I did devour my mom's Life & Style last weekend, though. God, I love trash. Now I just read it online.