Saturday, November 04, 2006

I've been sick...

I've been sick all week with an absolutely irritating case of bronchitis. I hate being sick. But it did give me a nice weeklong respite on the couch catching up with Dexter and rewatching Sex & The City, both On Demand. I love cable. We had the brother-in-law's wedding last week, which was fun and the kids looked gorgeous (as always). Think I joke?

Yes, Will looks like a dazed deer in the headlights, but look beyond it. The boy looks sharp in a suit; they both do. Alex ran around like a nutcase on the dance floor and Will decided at the last minute to punk out and not dance with me. Bah! Overall, it was a fun wedding.

I also spent quality time with the knitting needles during my almost-week of convalesence, figuring out finally how to knit in the round and creating preemie hats that I have to wash and pack over the weekend in order to send out to a few hospitals. We're doing this Knit-Out on ClubMom's knitting board and since none of the local hospitals returned my calls, I'm going to send them on to a hospital that the moderator's already noted. I can't figure out how to do the extra-small preemie hats on circular needles, though - even on 16" needles, they are so tiny that when I join the yarn, there is still a huge divide between the stitches. And I can't sew them because the seams hurt their little heads. I need to figure this out.

More pictures to come, but I need to post first about this great knitting site I found. And she warrants her own post.


Chaos Mommy said...

Oooo... You've got some Ladykillers on your hands, girl!
I hope you feel better soon, I miss you! =)

Little One said...

omg! they are too cute.