Friday, October 27, 2006

You Must Check This Site Out...

YogaBeans! is the Internet Source for Plastic Action Figures Demonstrating Ashtanga Yoga. You really need to see it - awesomeness.

I'm home anticipating my brother in law's wedding at 4 p.m. today. The kids will be in suits - how adorable will that look? You'll see when I post pictures in the next day or two, but I can guarantee it's going to be pretty darned adorable. Right now, though, Alex is cranky and whiny and I'm ready to run away. I think I should probably eat some breakfast before I lock myself in a closet and scream.


Lauren said...

That site is pretty darn funny. Did you see the McYoga bag?

BethGo said...

Yogabeans is so fun. Thanks for sharing.
Hope the wedding went well. Kids in suits are cute. When my brother got married, my son-age 2at the time- threw up all over himself and the front steps of the church during the rehearsal. A special wedding memory our family will cherish forever.
Hope your day went better.

Roe said...

The McYoga bag is soo funny.

Ah, memories... ;-) Wedding went well, as usual, so much family politics that I just drank heavily and danced (if you can call 3 glasses of wine heavy, interspersed with glasses of water), all the while thanking god they were my in-laws and therefore provide no genetic link to me. (And no, I'd prefer to not think about my kids carrying those genes.)