Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Future of Television...

If the writers don't try to pull a "Lost" on us and stay focused, this could quite possibly be the coolest series ever. Solid writing, funny characters, and just enough mystery to keep us coming back for more. Heroes is everything I hoped it would be. And Hiro Nakamura is officially the most awesome character on television. Anyone who can quote Star Trek while at the same time recalling an issue of X-Men featuring Kitty Pryde - and still manage to dole out some Star Wars morality (using one's powers for personal gain - surely the path to the Dark Side) - is my hero (or is that, my Hiro? Ouch, that was sooo bad.)
Hiro's blog is even dated using the Stardate system (Captain's Log: 1764.3, his latest blog entry). How awesome is that? I love when TV studios and executives let fanboys do the writing.
I'm so nerdy today.


BethGo said...

I love him too!
Do you think Hiro might end up being the leader of this troop of Heroes? He was so serious when he came from the future and he's such a doll in the present. It's difficult for me to reconcile the two as one character.
He's so goofy but in the future he's-dare I say it?- SEXY!

Roe said...

I have to wonder that myself - he's the only one so far that really enjoys his powers; and with his nerdy knowledge of sci fi and comics, maybe that will give him an advantage. Yay for fanboys (and fangirls)!

LOL, he looks more confident in the future - confidence is always sexy! :-)

Come on by again, we can talk Heroes!