Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Heroes Rocks! And Other Nerd-dom

Where LOST is starting to get on my nerves, Heroes has become my runaway favorite show this season (but Battlestar has been insane - it's a tough call!). Any show where the geek fanboy gets a chance to save the world while quoting Star Trek and X-Men is a show for me. Hiro (Masi Oka) is a breakout character because he's so lovable and is totally into his powers and saving the world. Let's keep fingers crossed that the writers keep up the great pace they've set.

Lost... I love lost, but man... can you answer some questions before throwing more at us? To keep this crazy stuff up with the Others without any sort of explanation or insight into what it is they're doing - and yet, insisting that they're "the good guys" - well, it's getting old and irritating. So 'the good guys' lock people up in cages and torture them? Is this a 'good guy' situation like the Nazis felt they were the 'good guys'? Talk to me, please! Make sense of it all for me!

That said, I did enjoy the Locke-centric episode last week, with his mystical journey and background. I think some people were turned off by it, but I thought it was interesting to get a little more background on him and how he knew so much about survival on the island. Now I'm just waiting for the pivotal moment when we realize that he and Sawyer are connected... Yes, I'm still sticking to my firm belief that the infamous "Sawyer" of Sawyer/James' childhood is actually Locke's sleazy dad.

Do I need to tell anyone that I screamed like a lunatic watching Battlestar this weekend? This is one show that continues to get better and better - it's awesome. I just got the novel, The Cylons' Secret which I only now realize is book three - hope I don't need one and two to go along for the ride. As soon as I finish the books I'm working on for reader reports, I'll dive in. I love reading tie-ins, but they have to be good - the 24 one I read was excellent, the Lost one was awful.

Speaking of tie-ins, a little late but apparently the WWE is doing novels now. The wrestlers... well, let me paste the back cover copy here. Enjoy:

"... a new covert black-ops group using the Superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE's talented men and women are perfect. Highly skilled athletes with the ideal cover, they travel all across the country and the globe; no one would find it unusual to find them in a town one day and gone the next. The government would train and support the wrestlers in every way possible except one: no one must know the truth."

It's almost like the premise of Zoolander, but these people are serious. Ye gods.

More pop culture geekery to come.


Stacey said...

Oh my god, Heroes is great. I'm loving it. Check out the NBC website, they have supplemental online graphic novels for each episode.

I hope Lost hasn't jumped the shark. I know that's tough to do with this show, but still possible.

Battlestar pulled no punches this week. It was just one revelation or insane action after another. Tigh's wife!!! Holy crap.

Roe said...

I have to check out the graphic novels, I just grabbed the Hiro graphic for the blog post now.

Oh no, I can't bear the thought of Lost jumping the shark. Let's hope they're actually going somewhere with all of this mania. I just checked out the Jump the Shark site and people are starting to say the past few episodes may just be the shark looming.

I didn't know where they were going to go with Tigh's wife, but man - good writing.

Chris said...

BSG has been insanely good this year. I almost watched it twice in a row last friday & watched the repeat on monday. Easily my favorite TV show in a long long time.

I've heard a lot of good things about Heroes and I've decided to give it a try once I figure out what time and channel its on.

Sorry to say, Lost never grabbed me fully. I watched the first 8 episodes and felt like the writers were jerking me around rather aimlessly. The more I hear about the show the more I think they have no idea where its going.