Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Halloween's Coming!

I LOVE Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays - probably rivaling Christmas for the top spot. Every year, I tell myself I'm going to decorate for Halloween like I do for Christmas; get the whole apartment involved, and for one reason or other, I only stick a couple of scary faces on my door by the time it arrives. Not so this year! This weekend, I head to Party City and get ready to pimp the crib, Spook Style! (Wow, I sound so nerdy when I try to talk street.)

So Alex and Will, who were going to make me the happiest geeky mommy around by being Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween, have forsaken me and gone with different costumes completely. I'm never getting pirate kids for Halloween, I know it. But I have to admit, seeing Will go berserk for a Clone Trooper costume brought a tear to my eye. My boy, a Star Wars nerd like his mom... so what if he likes the new ones and I remain faithful to the original Holy Trilogy?

Alex has decided to go the Power Rangers route and will be the Red Ranger, naturally. The costume has muscles and a six-pack as part of the costume and with Alex's bulldog build, it's just about the cutest and most hilarious thing to see.

28 days 'til Halloween!!


Linda Sheridan said...

I love Halloween too! Sunday Amanda went into Halloween mode and decided to decorate, complete with our screaming floormat (which strangely, after I shut off night before, went off once the following morning but not again...hmmm). Tomorrow I'm running a Halloween party planning meeting at school, and I can't wait to get over to Queens County Farm for the Haunted House weekend! We'll be bringing Amanda's new transplanted cousins from California with us! I love that place.

Lore said...

Yay, Halloween rocks! My mother is OBSESSED with Halloween. She keeps some stuff out (witches and black pointy hats mostly) year-round. This year she's putting up a zombie bride and groom that she is making herself. She got a vintage wedding dress somewhere and has a bid in for a beat-up tuxedo on Ebay. The real shame is that my parents get no trick or treaters :(

Roe said...

Yay! Screaming floormats! We're definitely taking the kids to the Haunted House, we go every year. It's so much fun!

Lore, your parent's place sounds awesome, we should all go visit for Halloween!

Stacey said...

That's funny, we used to go all out at my house when I was younger, I put up a graveyard, and blasted spooky sounds, and no trick-or-treaters. We lived on a busy street. I miss that though, it was so much fun.

My favorite part... the candy.

Lore said...

Ha ha, my parent's house would be an interesting Halloween destination. Here is a link to some pictures of the house:

This is how it looks year-round. She actually drags out more stuff for October.

Lore said...

Not sure why the link didn't show up completely...trying again:


Roe said...

That is soooo cool. And I'm actually kind of thrilled by the fact that there is a Society for Diverse Halloween Artists. I feel like I have a goal to move toward now. ;-)

peggie said...

Halloween is my fave, too!
Louisa is going to be a medieval princess and Hunter.... you're gonna love this... my one year old is going to be Yoda! LOL!!! It's so hysterical! I'll definitely send you pics and you'll laugh your hiney off! Drew is undecided. I'm trying to talk him into Luke, cause we have dh's old costume from when he was Luke 4 years in a row when he was little! He's starting to cave in, so we'll see!

Stacey said...

Wow, love the house!

Roe said...

Peg, I don't know what I love more - that Hunter is going to be Yoda or that your hubby STILL has his Luke Skywalker costume and that he wore it four years in a row! Tell Drew it's a family tradition, he HAS to wear it! You have to post pictures of all of them; dying to see Louisa as a medieval princess!