Thursday, October 05, 2006

LOST Season Three!

Okay, hands up - who's more confused by Lost now that we've actually kicked off the third season? I looked at Mike and said, "I'm worse off now than I was at the end of Season 2."

I have questions. If you haven't seen the episode yet, go away and come back when you've read it. I don't want to be spoiler girl.


Who thinks Carl, the kid in the cage opposite Sawyer, is a plant? I told Mike that the only reason he was 'captured' is to lull Sawyer into thinking he can trust the kid. Hope the con man can spot a long con when he sees it.

Henry Gale (BEN?!) tells Michael that The Others are 'the good guys' in the Season 2 finale. Do good guys lock people up in bear cages? Or dress ladies up in pretty dresses, take them out to breakfast, and tell them that the next two weeks will be very unpleasant and stick them in a cage? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

WHY do they have dossiers on the lives of the survivors (you seriously don't think it's just Jack, do you?)?? Do they only have dossiers on a few people - maybe the people on "the list"?

What the heck is with Othersville, like we saw in the beginning of the episode. And is the fact that they're reading Stephen King's Carrie supposed to be telling me something, or are they just reading a book?


I think I need to geek out and see if anything's going on at the Hanso Foundation site now.


Peggie said...

Ok, I can't sign in for some reason. Stupid beta, who knew it would be this much trouble!
Anyway, I KNOW! I'm SO much more confused now! They had BETTER start answering some of these questions soon!
I just finished season 2 on DVD on Wednesday so I could watch the season premire! So i'm really fresh on the past two seasons.
This is driving me nuts, though!

Roe said...

LOL, "beta" should be synonymous with "aggravation".

I'm getting a little frustrated because if you're going to open up a new can of worms, question-wise, can I at least get some answers to the other ones??

Stacey said...

someone I work with thought they were reading the "langoliers"

Adam said when that kid Carl was in there that it was a plant, he said it was a classic behavioral tactic... I dunno, seemed fishy to me.

Oh, and how much of a bitch was Jack's wife?

Roe said...

It's Carrie, I saw the screen shot. The Langoliers would have been awesome, though - can you imagine the possibilities?

Carl is SUCH a plant.

Jack's wife is a nasty biatch. I bet she wouldn't be on 'the list'.