Saturday, April 07, 2007

Five Year Meme

I found this on a blog ideas board, thought it would be fun. Give descriptions of your life in five year jumps working back from 2007, so every year that ends with a 2 and 7.

1972 - I was two, we had just moved to the apartment I ended up spending the next 23 years in, and my first memory is around this time. My mom carried me into the kitchen, where my dad was on a ladder, painting the kitchen cupboards. He turned around and made a goofy face at me. That's about it. :-)

1977 - I was 7, and Star Wars entered my life. Need I say more? I remember my dad signing me up for the Star Wars fan club - still have my introductory poster, the dogfight by the Death Star.

1982 - I was a preteen (12) and roller skating with my three best friends, Annie and Sandy (twin sisters who are still two of my closest friends) and Manisha (who I lost touch with after college). We logged hours and hours of playtime on our block that summer. I was also whiny because Mom and Dad wouldn't let me see Blade Runner with my beloved Harrison Ford.

1987 - Ah, the beginning of my senior year of high school. Duran Duran toured Notorious earlier that year, so I got to see them in concert finally (with Erasure as their opening act - how great a show is that?!), Def Leppard released Hysteria, we had our senior trip to Busch Gardens Virginia, I was going on weekly trips down to Greenwich Village with my galfriends, and having a great year. Love 1987.

1992 - I was 21 and graduating college, working two part-time jobs until I could find a full-time one, and dating the man who'd eventually become my husband. I was a full-fledged book and sci-fi nerd (and I say that with pride) and hanging out with a bunch of people who I still have the privilege to call my friends all these years later. I was playing the Dark Conspiracy RPG and having a pretty good time overall. I started off the year making my first trip overseas, to visit my friend Helene in Sweden. Not a bad way to start off a year.

1997 - I was engaged and living with Mike. We'd go out, have friends over, host Vampire: The Masquerade card games, and generally just have a good time. Mike built a shelving set that went around our living room for our copious books. It looked like a drop ceiling filled with books. We had two bookshelves mounted on the walls to hold all Mike's pewter miniatures, and I had Star Wars action figures displayed on the walls. It was a great place. Hell, I still miss the dishwasher.

2002- I had a three-year old asking nonstop questions and ended the year finding out I'd have a new addition shortly. We had our best friends coming over every Friday night to eat, laugh, watch TV and occasionally, coerce the men into a Boys vs. Girls Trivial Pursuit game.

2007- We've still got the best buds coming over, maybe not weekly but often enough to keep us all happy. I've somehow managed to acquire a 7 1/2 and a 3 1/2 year old. I knit. Obsessively. I am still a happy sci-fi nerd and am currently researching Cthulhu knitting patterns. I've had some ups and downs - haven't we all - but learning how to deal with them comes with the territory.


Stacey said...

This is a great one! I'll have to do this later.

I love seeing the little snippets of your life.

Roe said...

It was so cool, so many things came up for me while I was writing.