Friday, April 20, 2007

When bad things happen, I'm one of those people who want to do something, but never know what to do. So I'm grateful to Cindy Cafaro, who figured out how to do something, anything, in the aftermath of Virginia Tech.

Mary Read
Hometown: Annandale, Va.
Age: 19 years old
Class: Freshman
Major: Undeclared
Location: Norris Hall
Related Links: Student, 19, with relatives here among the victims, (Rochester Democrat and Herald, April 17,2007)
Profile: Mary Read was a "fun-loving 19-year-old" who graduated from Fairfax's Annandale High School last spring, said her aunt, Karen Kuppinger of Rochester, N.Y.

Apparently, Mary was a knitter, too. Among some of her projects was a scarf that she made her grandmother. Her aunt, Karen Kuppinger shares:

"Here's a story about what a sweet, family-oriented girl she is," Kuppinger said. "The last time I saw her -- a year ago Thanksgiving here at my house -- she kept disappearing while she was here. I finally said, 'Mary, what are you up to? Are you reading a good book or something?' She was knitting a beautiful scarf -- a multicolored fluffy scarf like the girls wear -- for her grandmother for Christmas. My mother still wears it. She did very thoughtful things like that always and was very close to her mother and father and brothers."

Cindy decided to honor Mary's memory in the best way she could; she has organized a knit-a-long (I'm sure crochet-ers are welcome to join!) to honor Mary's memory, as well as the other victims. Participants will in this KAL will knit up their fluffiest novelty yarn into a scarf for an elderly person. Recipients can be loved ones or charities (e.g., nursing homes), but the gift will be made in honor of Mary Read. It's the simplest, more eloquent tribute and I'm happy to be a part.

You can check out Cindy's blog at, and e-mail her to join the knit-a-long. I will be posting pictures of my scarves (and scarves-in-progress) both here and on that blog (once you e-mail her to join the knit-a-long, she'll provide you with access to the blog).


Amber said...

What a great way to honor her daughter! I almost wish I knew how to knit so I could join in on this tribute!

Stacey said...

That's such a great idea! I wish I could knit better.