Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Steve & Barry's

I've been Bitten (get it? It's funny!) by Steve & Barry's Sarah Jessica Parker line. I love that the t-shirts are not only $7.98 for the most part, but that they run a little long (especially since they're on the skinny side). I bought five different tees that I can actually wear to work, plus one cute little tuxedo-type sleeveless shirt. I also got a pair of gunmetal-colored cargo-type pants that roll up and button to be two different lengths of capris (I must go back and buy different colors so I don't get Old Navy syndrome, where I buy one pair to see how it fits, go back and there are none left). Got a pair of jeans capris, too - two pairs of pants, $14.98 each? Whoo hoo! I will note that the pants are cut way low - almost too low for someone who's borne two children via c-section and isn't exactly built like Ms. SJP - but thankfully, the aforementioned long tees cover it. And hell, with some more Pilates and yoga, maybe in a couple of weeks I'll feel a little less uncomfortable. The clothes are made to be layered, which I also dig.

Methinks Steve & Barry has a new fan in me...

Okay, off to knit more of that hat. I've only got two rows cast on so far, so taking a picture of it wouldn't really show much. Talk to me tomorrow.


Stacey said...

I totally have to go see this line, and try some of it on... a trip for my summer Friday... perhaps

Amber said...

Sounds like an intresting line of clothing! Hope you enjoy it!