Thursday, August 23, 2007

Soggy Summer

Here it is, August, and I feel like I've wandered into March by mistake. Yeesh.

Well, I've been in beautiful downtown Dumont, NJ, since Tuesday - a getaway with the kids at Nana's - and it's been soggy. I'm hoping the weather lets up today so I can get them to a park. My uncle stopped by and took us to a Burger King with a playground yesterday, and then to a store to do some school supply shopping (which Will does begrudgingly), so that was nice. I'm hoping he calls again today, because I get antsy being stuck in doors all day - especially when I'm indoors with two little ones who get wackier than I do.

Alas, payday isn't until tomorrow, so my beloved Skein Attraction remains in the distance. Uncle Bill offered to take me yesterday, but going into a yarn store with no resources is just cruel and unusual punishment. I continue to amuse myself with my Baby Ull yarn, picked up last time. The pattern has given me a little less agita since I fooled around with it, so I've gotten much of the pieces knit; now I just have the inevitable (sob) assembly - and you can bet I'll be at Skein Attraction for that.

I really have to work on the Zombie Hunters press kit. I'm showing it tomorrow. I've got to clean up the stationery I've concepted, and need to pick up red and black folders today. Lots of cutting and pasting in my immediate future. I've got some cool production stills printed out, just have to whittle down exactly which ones I'll use. I'm going to probably let Patrick vote on the final 4 or 5. Then I go to work on the blogs and CafePress store that I've set up.

I went on a tear and read every script, and I can't believe how good the storyline is. It's great stuff, and I hope this really takes off. I'll keep this space posted on the developments. I'll be AD'ing this weekend, so that's cool. It's been a long time since I've been behind the cameras!

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Stacey said...

Looking forward to the shoot on Saturday...