Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween is Coming! Halloween is Coming!!

In terms of holidays, Halloween comes second only to Christmas for me. Since I was a kid, I have loved everything about it - the decorations, the scary stories, the trick or treating. And becoming a parent makes it even cooler, because now I have two kidlings to enjoy the holiday with. Because it really is a kids' holiday; enjoying it as much as I do just assures that at least sometimes, I still get to retain that childlike sense of joy and wonder that can sadly go missing once we head into the 'real world', which is nowhere near as much fun most of the time.

The decorating process has begun - big glow in the dark skull on the front door? Check. Hanging spooky artwork done by the kids? In place. This weekend, we'll be getting the rest of the Halloween decorations out and putting them up. The egg carton spiders will once again decorate my ceiling, driving the cat insane. And the jack-o-lanterns, both real and electric, will be in full force. I can't wait. The costumes? Purchased.

Many of you know my heartbreaking story of the pirate costume. For those who don't, it's a sad, sad tale. When Heartbreaker was born, the Disney store released a costume - the cutest Captain Hook costume you've ever seen in your life. Complete with hook and wig. Seriously, what is cuter than a kid dressed as a pirate? There were no infant sizes, so I waited. And waited. And when Heartbreaker was old enough to fit a size... he didn't want to be Captain Hook. Ever. Every blasted year.

Cutie Pie was born, and my hope renewed afresh. But yes, you got it - he ain't into it either. When Pirates of the Caribbean hit the movies, they released costumes. I figured, sold! They LOVE Pirates of the Caribbean! Heartbreaker wants to BE Johnny Depp when he grows up - at last, I can dress them like pirates!


It's become a running joke every Halloween. We wander by the Disney store, only to have both Heartbreaker and Cutie Pie laugh and mock, "Look, Mom! Pirate Costumes! Ahahahahahahaha..." I swear, I'm going to ground them.

This year, Cutie Pie has decided to be a ninja - the archnemesis of the pirate. And Heartbreaker? At least he's going to be a zombie.


Stacey said...

Poor pirateless woman...

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Aww, at least Johnny Depp wishes live in your fantasies :)

Roe said...

You know Stacey, I do know when you're mocking me. I'll come over there and kick you in your bad knee. Okay, maybe not that, but I'll step on your good toes.

Johnny Depp wishes and caviar dreams?