Friday, January 09, 2009

Wii Knitting?!

(screencap taken from KNiiTTiiNG concept site)

Who'd have seen this one coming? An artist and a scientist are collaborating to bring a knitting game to the Wii. You can check out the GeekSugar article here or you can check out the concept and some storyboards here. On the one hand, my inner nerd and knitting obessive loves the idea, but on the other, I'm kind of worried about people not bothering to learn how or continue to knit if they can just do it virtually. I guess knitting nuts like myself and the rest of you (y'all know who you are) will still do it, because once you've felt the caress of baby alpaca, there's no going back. And seriously, no matter how much fun it may be to make online, can you wear Wii-Knit socks? I think not.

So I've officially been a grad student for three days, and it's been pretty darned awesome. I've completed two of my nine assignments, and have already made some new friends with my classmates. One of my biggest concerns was feeling like the old fogie in the bunch, but I've been delighted to discover that many, if not most, of the people in my class are around my age/stage of life! We've been posting links and pictures of our families and getting to know each other and it's been a really comfortable atmosphere so far. It sets the stage to really enjoy learning.

I've also really enjoyed this apparent connection between knitting and library studies. I know a couple of knitting librarians in real life (hi, Ravelers!) and I've met at least three more this week through the SJSU program! I've even joined a librarian knitting group on Ravelry. Do a love of books and yarn go hand in hand? Is it a love of learning? I don't know, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

One thing I've discovered about the program so far is that I will apparently become more technologically proficient, so I'd better get over the fear of crashing my computer I constantly live with. One of my next assignments is to update my Word program with an update that will allow me to access documents with a .docx extension, so this weekend I'm going to suck it up and download the update. Pray for me. After that, I've got to install my Webcam - I need it for a seminar on the 15th - so this should be quite amusing to watch. I'll report back on it.

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Nancy said...

Boo Librarians! Boo! Boo! What on earth do they know?