Wednesday, November 09, 2011

TV Show Review: Secret Millionaire's Club (The Hub, 2011)

This is is how philanthropy reaches the next generation. Investor and philanthropist Warren Buffet lends his own vocal talents to this animated show on The Hub, which centers around four middle school friends and their mentor, Buffet, who teaches them good financial sense. In "Be Cool to Your School", the first episode of the series, the kids learn that their clubs, programs, and annual class trip to New York City have all been canceled due to budget cuts. Having just heard Warren Buffet speak to their class, they decide to seek him out and get some financial advice on raising money to restore their trip. Rapper and entertainment powerhouse Jay-Z appears in this episode with more advice for the young group, providing a younger, well-known role model for young viewers.

The group tries to come up with solutions on their own, and kids can see the trial and error process as different attempts fail for different reasons. Viewers see the friends learn from their mistakes and adapt for future situations. Their success illustrates that hard work comes with rewards. Every episode has a solid lesson in money and life smarts built in, along with an inspirational message. With many middle schoolers playing the Stock Market Game in class, this would be creative classroom viewing or assigned viewing at home.

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Ava of said...

I love that! I wish they would have had shows like this when I was younger!