Monday, November 07, 2011

TV Show Review: So Random (Disney Channel, 2011)

So Random is a Disney Channel show spun-off from the popular show Sonny With a Chance when star Demi Lovato departed earlier this year. The sketch comedy, which acted as a backdrop on Sonny, now takes center stage with the ensemble cast from Sonny and features guest stars from extreme sports star Tony Hawk to fellow Disney stars Selena Gomez and Mitchell Musso.

The show is fun, featuring short sketches about situations that matter to kids. Some recent sketches include an infomercial for Bedazzle Zit, which lets tweens and teens cover their blemishes in sequins; Learning Spanish with Reynoldo Rivera, where a Spanish teachers pokes fun at his students in Spanish and English (and manages to get the two of them to translate on their own), and Socks With Sandals, a rap by Footy Scent and Hush Puppy. The show is pure fun that offers a learning opportunity with every episode. The Reynoldo Rivera sketch uses basic Spanish vocabulary that viewers can easily pick up, and sketches like MC Grammar, a parody of rapper MC Hammer, gives kids a laugh but drives home some basic points of grammar.

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