Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Quick Update...

I've spent the past few days loading up book reviews I wrote for my Materials for Teens class, so all my reviews are in one place. Please look through and enjoy. Or disagree - we all know books are highly subjective, as well they should be.

I'm also guest blogging now, giving comic book reviews on my buddy Chuck's site, What'cha Reading?  Please go check his site out - he provides some really strong commentary on an amazing range of titles. His taste runs a lot more indie than mine, and he's introduced me to quite a few new books in the eons since we've known one another. I've only got one review up now - the Marvel Now kinda-relaunch of my favorite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool - but as this hellish semester comes to a close, I plan to remedy this and get to work, bringing superhero goodness to the site.

I have also been thinking (always a scary thought). While I fully intend to continue blogging about more than just book reviews, but I don't know if that will alienate anyone who comes here specifically for reviews. So do me a favor, and weigh in - would you prefer to read the content separately? Should I keep it all in one spot for ease of browsing? Comment and let me know.

More to come soon - but first, a  paper due tomorrow demands my attention.

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