Friday, December 14, 2012

Aaaand... DONE.

For now, that is. I've finished my last two classes in my grad program. It was a grueling semester, but it's done and I'm finishing strong, something I was terrified of not doing when I undertook two classes while taking care of an infant. I'm relieved, and so grateful to my family and friends that saw me through this. And now, the winter break, as I prepare for my final project: the ePortfolio. I've already started getting myself organized for this, as it's a gauntlet of writing over 12 weeks. It can be done.

In other news, I've decided that for now, I will not be splitting the blog content. I will continue to post book reviews at my Mom Read It blog on WordPress, as that's garnered a following thanks to Twitter and LinkedIn notifications. I may split the blog content in the future. Again, if you feel strongly either way, let me know. I also blog comic book reviews over at my friend Chuck's blog, Whatcha Reading? I just posted one for Lance "Bishop" Henriksen's new undertaking, To Hell You Ride, which looks like it's going to be some really good stuff. Head over and check the reviews out if you get a chance!

I inadvertently discovered today that an article I had published in Library Student Journal last year is on the syllabi for two different library school classes. Talk about a surreal moment, right?

I've also picked up my knitting needles again, which is such a huge relief. I missed the therapeutic feel of the yarn running through my fingers and the comforting rhythm of the patterns. I love the little "click clack" of the bamboo needles. It's an altogether relaxing experience that I denied myself for far too long. I'm working on the Commuter fingerless gloves from Knitty's First Fall issue this year. I'll have pictures up soon. Promise.


Lauren said...

Amazing! I don't know how you do it!

Roe said...

A lot of coffee. And tears.