Monday, August 08, 2005

Okay, and here's the second post:
So I've been remiss, sorry 'bout that. Lots going on and at the same time, just want to zone out for hours on end. I hate when I get like that.Mike and I leave for Stacey and Adam's Michigan wedding bonanaza on Wednesday morning, so I'm psyched. Of course, neurotic me has been packed for like, two weeks. I just need to figure out what shoes I'm bringing, which gives Mike no end to amusement. The night before we leave, we're going to see Doubt - my friend Matt comped me two tickets. It will be nice to be grownups for five whole days. Lately, the only thing that's on the TV nonstop is either Cartoon Network (Will) or Noggin (Alex).

The Doodlebops (Disney, also Alex) are singing in my head all day long.

So, I gave notice on Tuesday. It's official, I'm leaving Bookspan. I accepted the official offer from Scholastic on Friday. Excited, terrified, hopeful... the whole mix of emotions. I want to be home more with the kids, but the flexibility I have right now came with a really high price. We'll just figure it all out as it happens, which drives me nuts because there is zero control of my life involved, but sometimes that's what has to be.I start school in September, so I'm psyched. Going to finish off that Publishing Certificate from NYU, and then I can concentrate on my MLS from Queens. I hate application essays. Bah. Feh.

On a less weighty note, got my manicure and pedicure with Nancy on Friday. I've got sparkly red toes. Hee hee.Must continue knitting, keeps the munchies at bay. I lost two pounds in two weeks so far - Annie now has a pretty purple cable-knit scarf, Will has two Star Wars pillowcases (love my sewing machine!), and I have two baby projects underway that I can't discuss right now in case the recipient is reading.Now I have to figure out how to post pictures. Soon to come...

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