Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So it's 12:09, I've finally got the kids to sleep - Mike had to drive upstate tonight to pick up his brother & friends and bring them back to College Point, so I was doing a double Mommy shift tonight. I watched the series finale of Six Feet Under, which I'm still digesting, especially the ending. Wow.

I know I should be working out, but instead I played Dynomite on popcap.com for a half hour. I need to do some yoga. So of course, being me, I decided to blog instead. And I wonder where Will gets the gift of procrastination from.

Alex's second birthday was yesterday, which really makes me freak at how quickly time flies. (Especially since I haven't shed the Alex weight yet!) He had a good day, I think. Lots of gifts, including Darth Tater from Adam & Stacey (which is really for me, I'd like to think).

First day at the new job today. I'm a little overwhelmed. I'm not used to having no idea what I'm doing, at least workwise. I know I just have to calm down and let myself get into the groove, but I missed ISO so much today. I missed my friends. I missed the familiarity that I had, even on the horrible days.

But I did register for my Book Marketing class at NYU - thank GOD. After this one, I've got only three more classes for the certificate. Finally starting to pick up where I left off three years ago. I'll see how I feel after this semester and decide whether or not to apply to grad school for spring, when I'll also be finishing the certificate up, or maybe just wait that one semester more and start in the fall when I can have the certificate done and can concentrate solely on the grad program.

Next up - gotta get the weight off. Gotta get back to eating right and working out. Just as soon as I post some more photos, she said in a procrastinating manner...


Stacey said...

Did you get your online discount?

Roe said...

I did! The class is $530 offline, $503.50 online. I went by the bookstore yesterday thinking I could be all cool and have my books the first day of class (geek), but alas no Fall books in yet. No brownnose points for me.