Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Attack of the Crankies

Wow, I'm bitchy today. I just feel irritable and ready to bite someone's head off. I think being at home with the boys all summer long has whittled down a lot of patience. Only a couple of days more... I've even packed my little 'desk drawer bag', or the Duane Reade bag as I call it. All my little necessities, all in one convenient spot.

I think I'll do a week's worth of ironing, just to feel like I'm getting closer to the big day.

I'm at a knitting impasse at the moment, which is also making me cranky. I'm being my notorious self when it comes to finishing one piece that's been done for weeks, and something that should be relatively simple has a small stumbling block that's sent me off into inaction. And since knitting has become such a soothing activity for me, that's made me very irritable. Grr.

I think I need to do some yoga. I've skipped two days and think I'm starting to feel it. Which can be a good thing, since it means I've gotten back into a routine - hurrah!

And in a complete tangent, anyone want to discuss Britney's tragic performance at the VMAs? Or has Kanye's whiny meltdown moved to the topic du jour? Dude, he makes Alex look mature. Yeesh.


Stacey said...

OMG, Britney is a mess... a friend that works backstage said that she thought she was messed up, and out of it. Plus, she didn't rehearse, um... that was obvious...

Linda said...

The lights were out. My theory? I think her manager (she hired Kelly Clarkson's old manager fairly recently) was trying to get her on the straight and narrow to help her restart her career, thought VMAs would be a perfect op, but I don't think she really wants it-or knows what she wants, frankly. I really think she needs help-especially now with kids involved.