Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some Knitting, Some Sewing, Some Sleeping...

...describes the weekend. I had a great day out with the girls when Nancy, Stacey and I took off to go shopping yesterday. Any day that involves unlimited salad & breadsticks at Olive Garden is a good day for me. I even purchased some new yarn - cotton yarn to recreate Alex's beloved 'blanket', which literally wore away about a year and a half ago. I knitted it for him when he was first born, and he became like Linus with it. When it first started to fall apart, I tried to mend it but like I said, it was literally worn away in some spots. So I just knit up another one, with a regular yarn. He's tolerated us, but continues to ask for 'Blanket'. So I got home yesterday, whipped out one of the balls of yarn, and said, "Hey Alex, what's this?" He jumped up and down and said, "BLANKET!" It kind of blows me away that he remembers it.

Will is sullen because I haven't started that massive skull blanket project from DomiKNITrix yet, but that's HUGE.

I also got some fabric because Stacey insists that I can too make a simple wrap skirt using one of the patterns I got when Rag Shop went out of business. Let's see how simple it is when I call her, sobbing, at 1 a.m. one night soon... ;-)

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Stacey said...

You can do it!!!