Sunday, May 18, 2008

Swappy Goodness!

I'm back - briefly, as I head off to beautiful downtown Des Moines tomorrow. I feel so jetset. Not.

Before I get into the weekend in Savannah - which I wish I could have remote blogged, but my remote blogging ability is still mysteriously down (I blame Mike), so I just texted Stacey constantly with updates - let me expound on the gloriousness of the latest swap I was involved with, the Spring Fling Coffee Swap. I just got my package out in the mail before I left for Savannah, so I really, really hope my swap partner likes everything as much as I love what Dandy sent me!

Behold - Canadian yarn! Nice, thick, bright and wooly! She says it's very warm - since she lives in Saskatchewan, Canada, I'm inclined to believe her. I see some lovely cabling happening in my near future. Ahhhh...

And she sent me some of her own yarn. No, not from her stash - she spun this herself! And dyed it! With Kool-Aid! Will even sniffed it and claimed he could smell the flavors. I was too busy smooshing it all over my face to try and discern the flavor scents, because this stuff is SO SOFT. I was so blown away that Dandy spun this and dyed this for me; it's just so cool. I'll just stare at these beauties and pet them for a little while; I want to wait and figure out just what to make them.

Here's a shot of the entire package - as you can see, she spoiled me rotten. And in the left down there? Oh yes. Those are Hello Kitty sparkly stickers. How much do you want to be me right now? She also sent over some rocking Vanilla Nut ground roast, which I immediately ran to the kitchen to brew (nectar of the gods, my friends; nectar of the gods); some Starbuck's Breakfast Blend - she must know I can't get out of bed in the morning without some coffee, so she took pity on my poor soul.

I also got beautiful handmade soap, in a funky handmade drawstring bag. I think I need to bring this along to Des Moines with me so I can luxuriate whilst in the sticks. Coffee-scented candle - hello! She sent the cutest little magnet of a knitted swatch with tiny knitting needles, and a tin with the cutest stitch markers and a handy-dandy pair of little scissors. In a needlepoint carrying case, no less. I also got an adorable little knitting journal (with a coffee cup on it!) and a pen, and the coolest red mug that says, "coffee coffee coffee coffee" on it - again, my morning refrain.

She even sent me Canadian candy!! I am particularly looking forward to the CoffeeCrisp bar. Yum.

I know I'm leaving a bunch of stuff out, but I'm just so blown away by this fantastic package that words escape me. Dandy, thank you SO much for everything. I'm loving how these swaps are introducing me to so many great people all over the world. You rock!!


Dandy said...

I'm so glad that you like everything... I can't wait to see what you make with the yarns!!

and the little bag that soap was in is actually a dishcloth/washcloth. ;)

enjoy the chocolate bars... they just about didn't make it into the

Stacey said...

how was the trip?