Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Updates. I Haz Them.

I've been trying to bang out several reader reports and finish some work before I get on a plane to Savannah tomorrow morning (ahh... I can hear Paula Deen welcoming me already), but I do have some updates that I'll post about later, most notably, the arrival of my super-fantabulous Coffee 'N Yarn Swap package from the awesome Buzz Knitter. Who gave me sparkly Hello Kitty stickers. Jealous much?

Until I get home and download the pictures from my camera, enjoy the LOLcat. I think it's apropros.


Stacey said...

holy crap, I didn't realize the trip was here already!! Have fun!!!

Dandy said...

Happy anniversary!!

Did I remember to add my blog to the pkg??
I think I might of forgot... well it's

I'm so glad you like the pkg... I'm always worried if my partner will like what I send...