Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Steps...

This morning I celebrated another little victory. I have gotten into the (bad) habit lately of not eating breakfast before bringing the boys to school, figuring I'll have a 'real' breakfast when I get home. (And then, of course, noshing on whatever is lying around, swearing I don't have time to cook - seriously, where am I going?) Anyway, today was no exception, so off I went, a mere cup of coffee burning a hole in my stomach.

I got to school, and offered to help our Parent Coordinator set up for a Math workshop she's running this morning. I really didn't have an intention to stay for the workshop; I have been feeling a little achy and wanted to take one day to stay home, lay down, and get some housework done. But I fully intended to help set up - and then she put me in charge of laying out the snacks. I poured myself another cup of coffee and set to work, displaying the myriad blueberry muffins, pumpkin muffins, chocolate chip muffins... and the pound cake. Marble pound cake. I could almost take the buttery goodness.

I almost took a slice, figuring it would be my breakfast and morning snack - it's got that many calories and fat, trust me. I almost did it, until I stopped and thought about it. My inner brat and I know full well that as soon as I got home, I'd be hungry, unsatisfied by the filler crap I just ate, and I'd eat more junk. So I shook it off. I finished setting up, went home, and made an actual breakfast that was far more filling and satisfying. Wow. Baby steps. They actually work.

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