Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From the Heart of Hell, I Spit At Thee...

...or just spit up crap, essentially. Oh, come on - who else paraphrases Melville while referring to bronchitis? I've been sidelined for days with this blasted thing. I was sent home from work on Friday before I infected everyone at work and managed to score a repeat performance at the doctor's that day. Apparently, my virus had been upgraded to 'bacterial bronchitis'. I felt like I was going to return to my apartment to find it swathed in plastic like when the scientists got hold of E.T., or some random X-Files episode. Just call me the Outbreak Monkey.

Wow, this is a rather cinematic entry... must be the codeine.

So today I feel better than I have for a few days, and decided to catch up on some computing. I have a lot of e-mail. Holy crap.

I also have the coolest swap partner in the known universe. When the postman brought this huge box out of the elevator yesterday, I thought Mike had ordered something. But then I saw MY name on it, and jumped up and down until I started coughing like I was going to die. I managed to get a cough drop in so I could open the box. Holy COW. How awesome is my swap partner? Oh, about this awesome:

Another shot of swap swag

Kristen is also 45 oz. of M&M peanuts awesome. Yes, that is a 45 oz bag of peanutty, m&m-y goodness there.

More goodies? How can you deny the insane cute factor of a sheep in a sweater?

How cute is a sheep in a sweater?

And how much do Hello Kitty knitting needles rock?

Hello Kitty needles!!

All in all, my first swap was awesome. I just heard from Leslie, my swap partner, who seems to like all the goodies I got her. On to the next swap - anyone like Hot Sauce?

And before I toddle back off to sick bay, more great news - it's a boy! Super-Secret Knitting projects are underway...


Stacey said...

Hello Kitty, and Peanut M&Ms, perfect for you!

Chaos Mommy said...

Feel better soon!!!

Kris said...

I'm glad that you liked it! :) I've been wanting an excuse to buy those Hello Kitty knitting needles! Lol. And as soon as I saw that big bag of peanut M&Ms I had to send it along!

snowflake said...

Only you would quote Melville - that's why I LOVE YOU! Hope you feel better soon! Loved all your pics! Give those boys a hug for me and have a wonderful Easter! As soon as MIL rides off on her broom, we'll catch up! Love and hugs, Snow