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Since my first swap went so well, I've ended up getting involved with two more. A new friend that I've met through the Longing for Spring Swap has asked me and one more knitter to co-host a Hot Sauce Swap with her - most awesome. I've also just signed on for a Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap - ooooga.
Hot Sauce

What kinds of sauces do you like? Do you like ‘em hot and spicy or more toward the sweet? Do you like four alarms going off at once, or a heat that builds?
I love a good, sweet hot sauce, that builds rather than assaults my taste buds from the get-go.

Do you have any sauces that you do not like at all?
I haven't found one yet, but I do try not to try sauces that talk about how hot they are for the sake of being hot rather than adding to a dish.
What do you like your hot sauce on?
All sorts of stuff; I particularly like it on chicken or beef, though.

What kinds of recipes do you like to work your hot sauce magic with? Do you BBQ? Throw it in take-out? Put a dash into your eggs in the morning? Do you like to cook, or do you prefer to just dress up a good take-out dish?
I like hot sauce in chili, or tossed in with some chicken when I'm grilling it up. I like it thrown in with Chinese noodles, like lo mein, too. And I LOVE salsa with a nice kick, so hot sauce in salsa is aces with me.

Do you have any particular food allergies that should be avoided when picking out a hot sauce? None that I know of!

Recipe you would like to share?
It's simple but tastes great - Lightly coat a wok with oil (I use canola oil or peanut oil); toss some chicken cutlet strips into a wok with some broccoli; apply teriyaki sauce to your taste. Boil up some soba noodles (or whatever noodles you like) separately. Toss the chicken, broccoli, and noodles together when all cooked. Then give a couple of shots of hot sauce to the whole business, mix it up, and enjoy.


Do you knit or crochet?
Primarily, I knit; trying to get better at crochet.
What are your favorite types of yarns to work with?
I love wools and cottons the most; usually a good sport or worsted weight is great for me because they're so versatile. I've just started knitting socks, which has been fun, so I've begun exploring fingering weights.
I have also seen a few wool blends that knit up nicely, but primarily, I love the wools and cottons.

What do you have on the needles (or hook!) right now?
Just when I had worked through my UFO pile, I started knitting socks! I have the second sock for both the Snowflake Lace Socks and the Horcrux socks (for my 4-year old) on needles, plus a Princess Pram blanket for my son's former teacher. My Ravelry queue is insane!

What are your favorite colors to work with? Are there any colors you wouldn’t want caught dead in your stash?
Since it's Spring and I've had enough of winter, I'm all about bright, happy colors. Pastels are okay, but I have been drawn to bright stuff lately, like teals and yellows. There are some beautiful shades of green out lately, too. I'm digging the whole pink/brown and blue/brown/green combos I've seen lately.
I think since I'm deep into Spring mode, dingy or drab colors, like olive greens, brown on its own, and navy blue are colors I'm going to steer away from.

Any preference in your hooks/needles? Prefer bamboo over plastic or aluminum? You’re good with whatever you’ve got to work with? Let us know.
I've been using my bamboo needles a lot lately and enjoying them more and more. Aluminum needles are great, but I love the way that yarn slides on the bamboo and makes working a project so enjoyable. Plastic tends to frustrate me because the yarn sticks.

Notions. C’mon, let us know – if you get one more measuring tape, will you run screaming from the room? Or are you the type that loses stitch markers constantly? What notions do you love and loathe?
I am constantly losing stitch markers! I haven't received any notions yet, so nothing to scream about here.

Any fiber allergies we should know about?
Thankfully, none!

Are you a snacky type of person? Do you like candy? Chocolate? In between hot sauce applications, what would we find you snacking on?
Oh man, I have been SOOO snacky lately. I love Payday bars, Peanut M&Ms, and Lindt truffles. But I'm a chips girl, too; I've been hooked on Veggie Crisps lately after a while of not having them. My kids have gotten me hooked on Pringles, and I've always loved Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Are you into recipe magazines? Knitting mags? What kinds of quick, stash-it-in-your-knitting-bag reading do you like to have on hand?
I love magazines! I subscribe to Everyday Rachael Ray and a few other chick mags (Health, Glamour, Marie Claire, et al). I buy knitting magazines periodically, and usually get either Vogue Knitting or Interweave Knits. I share a Paula Deen magazine Everyday Food subscription with my mom (buttah!) and we used to get Everyday Food, which I still like to check out and have gotten many good recipes from.

What cheers you up?
A bright day, nice weather, a good book, '80s music, soft yarn, a day with nothing to rush around to, and snuggling on the couch with my husband and kids.

Do you collect anything other than yarn?
Books. LOVE books. Recipes and knitting patterns. Hello Kitty stuff.

Do you have pets?
2 cats!
Any other allergies?
Aside from hayfever and ragweed-y stuff, none that I know of.

Are you a swap newbie, or have you done this before? Any good advice for newbies you’d like to share?
I've only been in one another swap before, and it was so much fun! My partner spoiled me to bits and I loved it! (Hi, Kristen!) My best advice to newbies - treat your partner in a way you wouldn't treat yourself. Really get to know, as best you can, who they are and make it fun for them. You'll be even more thrilled when your goodies show up because you won't feel guilty!

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