Sunday, April 13, 2008

So let me explain how excited I am. When I was a kid, my dad had me watching Star Trek with him from the time I was in diapers. My second earliest memory is of watching an episode of Trek that had what looked like flying pancakes attacking Spock (it's Operation: Annihilate), and I was hooked. From there, Dad and I bonded over science fiction and adventure - you all know my Star Wars and Indiana Jones fixations. When Will was born, I was convinced that I would be raising a Trekkie/Star Wars/Lord of the Rings geek like myself. I wanted that connection. I know it sounds as corny as hell, but I wanted us to share something like that.

He had a passing interest in Star Wars. He did want to be a Balrog when he was 2, which gave me hope, but Star Wars? Meh.

So the other day, since I've recently gotten into Dr. Who, I was watching one of the episodes I've DVR'd (thank you, Sci Fi Channel, for the marathon). Will and Alex both wander in, and as soon as they see the Tardis whirling through the clouds, they settle down in bed next to me. By the end of the Blink episode, Alex has wandered off, but Will turns to me, eyes huge.

"Do you have any more of that show recorded?"

So now, not only are Will and I sharing the connection I was desperately hoping to have, but we're learning about it together. Sometimes, you just have to let it find you.

I know some people may roll their eyes, or laugh, and think, "How ridiculous; you're relying on science fiction to bond with your kid?" And my answer to that is no, I've done that quite well to date, thanks much. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's almost impossible to explain. For those of you who understand, I guess there's no explanation needed.

So I guess I should say thanks to Russell T. Davies, who brought Dr. Who back (and gave us Torchwood, which I'm still on the fence about but moving toward saying, "Okay, I like it.")

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(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Sometimes (most times) we do have to just wait for it. Congratulations on your patience and your new connection with (at least one of) your kids.