Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Fever

Oh, how I have Spring Fever. BIG TIME. I need to get OUT and get some air.

Man, when I was a kid, and it was a beautiful day like this, we'd have gym outdoors in St. Bart's Park, right across the playstreet from school. We looked forward to spring, because our lunchtime recess would move from the playstreet into the park. It was a marked change in the season that we loved, a change in routine.

Why can't work be like that? Why can't our bosses say, "Hey - it's beautiful out. Let's go sit in a cafe and work for a while." Or, even better, "Go home, log in when you get a chance."

Man, it was cool to be a kid.


P said...

I need to find a job that lists that in the job description ;)

Lauren said...

I'm pretty much ready to just start watching everything on the computer all the time. It bugs me that we have to pay to get channels that are 50% commercials.
You should send them your story at The Consumerist. I bet they already have a whole section devoted to Time Warner.

Lauren said...

Whoops, added my comment to the wrong post:P