Monday, April 07, 2008

So, Who's The Last Cylon?

BSG did not disappoint on Friday. From Starbuck telling poor Anders that she would put a bullet between his eyes if she ever found out he was a Cylon (gulp) to Baltar finding God in a pair of boobs (I asked Mike if he wrote that week's episode), it was intense storytelling that made me yell at the screen a few times - always the mark of a good episode. Heck, I didn't even knit, afraid I'd miss a crucial camera shot or reaction shot (like Anders being activated - that's how I took it, anyway). Now I'm counting down days until next episode (that would be 4). Oo-Ga.

Finished the Dr. Who Family of Blood episodes, and I've got to say, if the rest of the episodes are that good, I will be a Dr. Who fanatic in no time. Great storytelling - if I'm reading Wikipedia's entry on these episodes right, they were nominated for a Hugo Award for dramatic presentation and it is well-earned. I've DVR'd a bunch of episodes, and luckily for my addictions, Sci-Fi channel appears to be gearing up to air them as well, because there is a Dr. Who marathon during the day on Friday.

I just checked out USA Today's book section and a fellow Gen-Xer has written a book defending our poor slacker-named generation. I think I may have to check this out.


david santos said...

I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day.

Stacey said...

That episode was great, I'm totally with you on Anders being "activated" he's going to be the first to turn.

snowflake said...

I think that Rosalyn is the last cylon. I really do.... I'm really beginning to dislike her to. Just watch the obvious way that she manipulates Adama.

I agree that Anders has been activated. As for Dr. Who, LOVE it. I think the Dr. is a cutie and such an amazing actor. It still kills me that he was Barty Crouch Jr in Goblet of Fire!