Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I just spent my literal last dollar on lunch. It was totally worth it, but I may have to ask Mr. ATM to loan me some cash so I have 'mug money'. You know what mug money is, don't you? My mother always told me to have some money handy in case you get mugged, because if you're empty-walleted, apparently that would make it worse. Ah, the '70s.

So I took it to the knitters on Plurk, and it seems that the French Market Bag is the way to go with the extra-chunky yarn I've got; the fact that it's not quite at gauge is okay because it's going to be felted anyway. Whoo hoo! Next project for the Summer KAL-CAL will cast on tonight!

Speaking of the KAL-CAL (knit-a-long/crochet-a-long), I have to take pictures of the soaps I'm donating as prizes. Except my camera broke in Rhode Island. So hopefully the phone camera takes halfway decent pics...

More later!

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Stacey said...

what happened to your camera???