Monday, July 28, 2008

Stupid Man-Eating Escalator.

I was supposed to get my stitches out today, but the doctor decided it would be best to leave them in for another couple of days. So I get to pay an additional co-pay in a few days. Stupid escalator. Stupid rush hour.

Okay, enough griping. I've got good stuff on the horizon. I haven't really said much about this because I was being superstitious and afraid of jinxing myself, but I have to get past that phobia. So here it is - I applied to the NYC Teaching Fellows program and have made it past the first round!!! Deep breaths, deep breaths.

So the next round comes this coming Saturday. I have a day of interviews downtown and I will have to give a 5-minute teaching demo. I'm excited and terrified all at once, and Nancy is a saint for putting up with my mania as I mine her years of education knowledge. She's given me some great ideas, now I have to test it out on my boys to see if I can get this down pat in five minutes.

I don't know what will come of this, but I'm really hopeful. I have wanted to get into the classroom for so long, and I really hope that this is the chance for me. So please, keep your fingers crossed, ok? Send some teacherly vibes my way.

Other happenings... I'm working on the endless stockinette stitch involved in the French Market bag, but have cast on for a Celtic Neckwarmer to keep my brain from flatlining.

I've got another swap going - the Saucy Knitters Swap Part Deux - a continuation of the awesome hot sauce swap that I was in a few months ago. (not so) Cynical Knitting Gal, someone I've come to consider a good friend, ended up being my swap partner and she totally rocks! I'm so ticked off that my camera is still dead (grr...), but I'm going to see if I can get Will's camera to work so I can take a pic of the swappy goodness. In addition to the package o'yarny love I received at home today, there's one of hot saucy goodness waiting at the local post office. So guess where I'm headed after work tomorrow.

Did I mention that I got to meet another knitting Plurker? Last week, Karen from The Knitting Patch and I got together for some tasty Yolato and knitting talk. It was so great to meet another knitter that I've been talking to online for months (only to discover that she works less than three blocks from me)! The online knitting community is really amazing.

Okay, before I split to break up the emerging fight between the boys and herd them to bed, just have a message for my friend Sisi - I do not know what is up with the e-mail situation; no one else has had a bounceback! I am sending off a letter to you by the week's end, but didn't want you to think I was ignoring you - when my e-mail crashed a while ago, my address book was wiped out and I can't find your e-mail in my address book! Can you e-mail me again? I hope we can make plans for October!

Oh, and by the way - new issue of Knitscene? Must. Knit. Every. Pattern. Immediately.

Okay, they're trying to put each other in sleeper holds. This can't be good. I'm out for now.


SiSi said...

Here I am, a former teacher, sending you possitive/teacherly vibes your way!

Got your message. I'll email you in about 1 hour. (I'm watching S$TC now :D)

Stacey said...

vibes... good ones...

So what are you going to teach, do you get to pick your topic?

sisi said...

It's me again.
Gosh, the email's been returned. My PC's broke in March and I have lost your email address, too, but I seemed to remember yours so I emailed there. Maybe the one I remembered was way too old. (It's the one)

Anyway, I'd be very happy if you could write down your email address when you send me the snailmail. I'll write to you, too soon!

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Thanks for the nice shout-out :)

Also, I love reading your blog...I need to blog more. Hmm.