Friday, February 23, 2007

2007, so far...

So 2007 didn't start out on the greatest foot for me, but I've been trying to keep a good outlook. Things are starting to brighten up, so I'm going to be optimistic and look at what's happened so far this year; what I've accomplished and see where I can go.

- I've gotten to spend a lot of time with Will and Alex, which they (mostly) appreciate.
- I've gotten to bone up on my crafting - knitting, yes, but now I've reintroduced myself to my sewing machine and am getting more comfortable with it - something I've wanted to do for a while.
- I've gotten a lot of baking done, something I kept complaining I had no time to do.
- I've taught Alex three new songs and am about to teach Will cursive handwriting, since apparently they don't teach it in public school anymore (exactly what is there time in the curriculum for?)
- I've started eating healthier again, and this time, when I go off the wagon, I'm very aware of it.
- I've continued freelancing for Bspan, and had my first honest-to-goodness freelance marketing spot.
- I've begun a book marketing campaign for Dan's book - I even wrote the press release for it!

Not too bad for someone who's moaning about what a crap year it started out to be. What do I want to do next?

I really, really want to relaunch the Domestic Goddesses blog. After becoming addicted to DIY Network and the Uncommon Threads, Knitty Gritty, and Stylelicious shows (not to mention all the programming on Food Network), I'm dying to make that blog what it should be - craftastic! So I'm going to start working on it (and Stacey, Linda, Lauren and Nancy - help, please!) and will let you know when it relaunches in all its crafty, cookery glory.

(BTW - speaking of cookery - yet another Miracle Muffins victory last night, with cranberry muffins. Mmmmm...)

After that? I'd like to stay on the good eating wagon and finally unpack my pre-Alex clothes. I'd like to be back in those clothes for the summer. I may journal here from time to time, even if it's just listing the food I've eaten that particular day, to keep me honest. Bear with me.

I want to keep doing stuff on the freelancing end, but I needs me a 'real' job. So keep fingers crossed, light a candle, kill a rubber chicken, do some yoga and send good prana my way, anything that can help.

Speaking of that last goal, I have an interview in a little while. So I'm going to work out and get ready for it. TTFN.

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Stacey said...

Mmmmm... muffins...

Good idea to make one of those positive things list. I should try that...