Thursday, February 15, 2007

Well, That Was Arduous...

So I've been trying to switch my Blogger account over for the better part of two weeks now. And what held me up? This buggery computer, as I attempted to create a Google account to sign in with. Finally, I just decided to stop smashing the round peg into the square hole and just go directly to Google, set up an account, and then log onto Blogger. Grr.

So yes, I'll be posting more regularly now. Good lord.

And, I'm trying to breathe some new life into Domestic Goddesses. I've been recently hooked on a show on DIY network, the home of my beloved Knitty Gritty, called Stylelicious. Vickie Howell from Knitty Gritty is one of the 8 hosts - yes, 8 hosts, but they are on a constant rotation in groups of 3. They're a bunch of friends who love to do all sorts of funky crafty stuff - basically, what Stacey, me, Karen, Lauren, Linda, Nancy and almost all my girlfriends have been doing for years. So I told Stacey that we must resurrect Domestic Goddesses and make it our own Stylelicious. So I'll let you know when that's happening.

I've also been loving Uncommon Threads, another crafty needlework show - yes, I've been watching a lot of TV of late. But it's TV with a purpose, as it's getting me closer to actually pulling the sewing machine back out of retirement.

I've also been knitting a lot, eating way too much, and feeling too damned sorry for myself. But I'm blogging again, so there's got to be some change in the wind, right?


Stacey said...

hooray for the resurrection of domestic goddesses! I dare say, she needs a new template!!

Roe said...

Go for it - you're far better at that sort of thing. We can put some cool crafty site links on the side and everything, but I bow to your web genius.