Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snagged from Stacey and Lauren...

1. Name one person who made you smile yesterday? Alex
2. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning? Freezing my arse off walking Will to school
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Surfing the web, catching up on Stacey's blogs
4. What is something that happened to you in 1994? Saved up money to move out in '95
5. What is the last thing you said aloud? "I'll be right there!"6.
How many different things did you drink today? Coffee, water, seltzer
7. What color is your hairbrush? Black
8. What is the last thing you bought? Birthday cards
9. What was the last gift you received on your birthday? A gift card to Michael's. :-D
10. What color is your front door? Brownish - it's hideous.
11. Where do you keep your change? All over the place, but I try to keep it localized between my coat pocket and my wallet.
12. What was the weather like today? Fecking freezing
13. What is the best ice cream flavor? Butter Pecan, but Vanilla Swiss Almond is a close second.
14. What is something you are excited about? Getting the kids to bed and having TV to myself tonight (Mike's at the Slayer show)
15. When was the last rainbow you saw? A couple of months ago, driving back down from the Catskills, I guess it was near the Tappan Zee.
16. What size shoe do you wear? 7 1/2, 8.
17. Where is question 17? It's in the closet.
18. Are you very random? I love lamp.
19. Do you want to cut your hair? Eventually, once I decide what the hell I want to do with it.
20. Are you over the age of 25? Good God, yes.
21. Do you talk a lot? Depends who you ask.
22. Do you watch The O.C.? Thankfully, no.
23. Does your screen name have an "x" in it? Nope.
24. Do you know anyone named Charles? A former teacher and a friend's dad and son.
25. Do you make up your own words? Yeppers.
27. Are you typically a jealous person? Depends.
28. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "B": Um... Brian?
29. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "J": Janine
30. Who's the 1st person on your received calls list? Mike.
31. What did the last text message you received say? "On way home now"
33. Do you have curly hair? Wavy, not so much curly.
34. What is the next concert you're going to? If Duran Duran tours again, you'll see me there.
35. Who is the worst person in your life? hahahaha... whittling down to just one is difficult...
36. How many times have you swore today? Oh my god, it's exponential.
37. What is something you say a lot? F**k, What the f**k?, Jesus Mary and Joseph, WHAT?
38. What is the last thing you ate? Way too many of my mom's oatmeal raisin cookies.
39. Have you seen the movie "Donnie Darko"? I just DVR'd it, actually.
40. Do you have work tomorrow? Yep
41. Is marriage in your future? I don't know what my husband would think about that.
42. When was the last time you said "I love you"? About 5:30 this evening.
43. What should you be doing now? Bathing my children.
44. Do you have a nickname? Roe, Rosie, Mom
46. When was the last time you used a skateboard? I think maybe when I was 10.
47. What is the best movie you've seen in the past two weeks? No movies in past 2 weeks, 24 (mmm... Jack Bauer...) works for me.
48. Is there anyone you like right now? My kids, my husband, my friends and family
49. When was the last time you did the dishes, be honest...? About 6 this evening

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Stacey said...

Michael Jackson is question 17...

click here

I was looking for another video. But this does the trick...