Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I've been reading like crazy lately, but it's pretty much the stuff I get paid to read. Sometimes it's great, as in the case of stuff like The Last Chinese Chef and the insanely funny Ant Farm and Other Desperate Situations, and sometimes... well, sometimes it's not. I love getting paid to write book reports, but sometimes, I just miss reading 'my' books. So... shhhh... I put one of the less enticing books aside for a couple of days to steal some Roe reading time and revisited Jim Butcher's first Dresden File, Storm Front.

I've really got to say, if you haven't read these yet, please pick them up. They're quick and compulsive reads. And if you are watching the Sci Fi Channel show, please understand that while the show is entertaining, you are missing so much by not reading the books. There are eight books now - check one out. It's worth it.
I checked out a webinar on Search Engine Marketing today. It was a brief overview, more about what career path you can take with it, but it was interesting. I think I'll check out a few more; they're on the SEMPO website (professional organization for search engine marketing). Anything I can to do pump up the resume and learn something new.
I've got so much running through my head. It's all driving me nuts. I wish I could just blink and it would all go away sometimes. It's frustrating, trying to deal with everything life throws at me when it feels like everything's coming all at once.
I'm wiped, time to go check out Battlestar Galactica (I'm catching up) before Lost starts at 10.

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Stacey said...

I'll have to check out the Dresden files, in print and online...