Thursday, November 03, 2005


I just posted some pictures of the boys from Halloween. Who knew vampires could be so cute, right?

A friend of mine posted this on her blog, so I'm shamelessly stealing it. Go to Google, type your name and needs - i.e., 'Rosemary needs' in my case - and see what comes up. Here's a list of what I apparently need...

1. Rosemary needs shield from cold. (how'd they know?)

2. Rosemary needs to be spayed! (um... WHAT?!)

3. To be happy and healthy, Rosemary needs at least 5-6 hours of sun a day.

4. Rosemary needs full sun to partial shade, and a well drained area. (Well... I do drink a lot of coffee...)

5. Rosemary needs bright sun. (I think that was determined at #3.)

6. Once you understand Rosemary's needs, she can be a long-lived companion. (LOL, have to send this to Mike.)


Stacey said...

Stacey really needs Ritalin and can’t afford to see a shrink.)

Stacey needs to
get rid of the mullet.

Stacey needs help getting her name out there.

Stacey needs many surgeries to get rid of the excess skin.

Stacey needs understanding, not rejection.

Stacey needs new advocacy committee members to assist her with these efforts.

Roe said...

hahahahahah... you need to get rid of your mullet...

Oh my god, this is the best list...

Stacey said...

at least i don't need spaying... ha ha ha.

Roe said...

I need to be spayed, you need many surgeries to get rid of your excess skin and Ritalin, we're both f*cked.

Lauren said...

Lauren needs to meet our new crush, the Maserati Boomerang. Lauren needs a new
heart. Lauren needs to follow instructions more carefully. ...
Lauren needs someone to take the pressure off of her. Lauren needs to become more
responsible. Lauren needs our support.
Lauren needs to have more female friends (or not – women can be so bitchy!)

Lauren said...

another one:
Lauren needs
to look as if she was mistreated.

love this, but Stacey needs to keep the mullet.

Roe said...

Lauren needs to look as if she was mistreated?? Are you trying to get Chris in trouble with our Estrogen Brigade? ;-)

Okay, Stacey keeps the mullet. But no way am I getting spayed. My cats blew up like Thanksgiving day parade floats man, I have enough problems.

Lauren said...

ha ha ha!