Friday, November 04, 2005

Knitty Girl Rambles

Time to get back on the knitting track again, too. I have half that wrap sweater done, and the way I've been food medicating, it'll fit a shoulder when it's finally done. I just hope I remember where I left off... Thank God it's sleeveless. Less pressure.

Lots of scarves this Christmas, I have lots of fun, fuzzy yarn. But basically since we've all agreed to just buy our kids Christmas gifts this year, I don't really have many Christmas presents to knit. So I'll just knit a whole buncha stuff for my own personal edification.

Which translates to: Lauren, Stacey, Nancy, Linda, Molly, Laurie - expect a shitload of fuzzy scarves... ;-)

So how exactly will I work my way back to physical and mental health? Hell if I knew the answer to that, I'd be making more money than Tony Robbins. I guess I'll have the time to think about it, though. I know I have to get back to doing things I enjoy, and knitting is one of them.

Just got the Vickie Howell (Knitty Gritty on DYI! Watch it now!) book, New Knits on the Block. Cute kids knits, I'll try my hand at some of those. There is a guitar pillow pattern I've got to try.

Ah, Duran Duran. Lord, I hope they follow up Astronaut with some more goodness. Just listening to "Nice" off the Astronaut CD now, what a fun song. I've been skipping any down songs tonight (but I did allow myself "The Show Must Go On" and "Who Wants to Live Forever" by Queen - it's Freddie Mercury, for heaven's sake), need something with a beat to keep me going.

I'm off to check GoFugYourself to see if any new tragically dressed celebrity pictures have surfaced. Maybe I'll post something else on Domestic Goddesses. Or maybe I'll just sit the hell down and knit.


Stacey said...

I like fuzzy scarves

Lauren said...

Mmm, fuzz. go fug yourself is hilarious, thanks for linking it. They so have their priorities in order about who needs mocking.

Roe said...

My pleasure, that site is gifted.

Linda Sheridan said...

So, did you go to H&M for the Stella McCartney stuff? According to the papers, a war broke out.

Roe said...

I decided to wait, maybe I'll see if anything is available online. I saw a dress in last month's Glamour that I know I want!