Friday, March 10, 2006


Okay, so anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE the show 24 (I also love Keifer Sutherland, but that's probably a different post entirely). I scream at the television when those numbers show up at the end of every episode, leaving me on yet another cliffhanger. My husband and mother have both commented that between Lost and 24, I'm probably going to have a stroke sometime soon.

So - this is a spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen this past 24, who is waiting for this season to end so they can just buy the season on DVD, or who's under a rock.

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THEY KILLED EDGAR. EDGAR! The lovable computer geek whose mom died in the nuclear terrorist attack during last season. Who saved the United States from a nuclear holocaust at the end of last season. EGAR!

Terrorists (Russian, this time) release toxic nerve gas into CTU (Counter-Terrorist Unit) headquarters. People are choking, the main characters (mostly) get into lockdown to protect themselves. And who do we see wandering, lost, just as the gas reaches full saturation? Edgar. He stares at Chloe, fellow computer geek, who's safely ensconced in a safely sealed room with Keifer. (Chloe, I have to say, has the worst facial expressions ever - she always looks like she's about to say, "HARRUMPH!" very loudly.) He looks at her, with this sad pathetic puppy face and says, "Chloe!" before dropping dead near his workstation. HOW COULD THEY DO THIS?

So let's bow our heads and observe a moment of silence for Edgar. And because I'm a complete and utter geek, take a moment to view his Wikipedia page and pay your respects.

Freakin' 24 - they kill off President Palmer in the FIRST episode this season (yes, I know, Dennis Haysbert is now in a new series on one of the other networks) and now Edgar. This trend of killing off beloved main characters on my favorite TV shows is exciting but at the same time, hell on my central nervous system. Cheez.

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