Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Non-Food Rewards!

So, to reward myself for breaking through my ennui and finally knuckling down with Weight Watchers and sticking to the Self Challenge for 6 weeks (I need to update my stuff on the site, too), I went to Filene's with my mom at lunchtime today. I was fully intending to buy myself a cute new bra because they have the Elle Macpherson Intimates line there - which is adorable stuff, by the way - but let's just say that I don't think their sizes are realistic. I believe the famous Psalm in the Bible used the phrase about cups runneth over? You see where I'm heading.

Luckily, on my way to the fitting room I spotted a DKNY rack. I cannot pass up a DKNY rack - I've tried many times. There were adorable denim capris (which on me are cropped pants) and they were very reasonably priced. Tentatively, I picked up a size 10. I noticed the magic word "stretch" printed on the label and figured it was worth the gamble.

How much do I love Donna Karan for making jeans that take a woman's figure into consideration? I may be getting a little crazy here, but I would dare say I love her more than I love Lindt truffles and peanut M&Ms. That's how much I love her. And that is a whole lot of love.


Stacey said...

I love her too. Some of my favorite jeans, found on sale at Macy's are DKNY.

mike said...

What is wrong with cups running over?!?!?!? Personally I love it when they do!

Roe said...

Oh my goodness, Mike has joined the discussion!

I'm not having any 'cups' cutting into the more delicate parts of my anatomy, and I'm certainly not paying for the peculiar privilege!