Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Because '70s TV for Kids ROCKED...
with much appreciation and props to The ElectraWoman and Dynagirl Webopedia...

I think I need to do a series on 70s Saturday morning programming for kids... remember when the networks had programming on Saturday for kids, and it was a treat to watch cartoons???

Picking up from yesterday - 70s kids' shows were so cool. I was all about the Shazam/Isis Power Hour (you know you watched it, I wasn't the only kid out there wearing my construction paper Isis headband), The Banana Splits (Liz Phair did a fantastic cover of the Tra la la song on the CD, Saturday Morning - does anyone know where I can find it? My copy was borrowed and alas, never returned), The New Zoo Revue (which is still on Public Access, I believe - I showed Mike about 10 minutes of one once before he threatened to have me committed) , and of course, the almighty kinds of kids' programming, The Krofft Brothers.

Sid and Marty should have a monument erected to them somewhere because they gave us a pantheon of children's programming - Dr. Shrinker (Billy Barty!), H.R. Pufnstuf, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, everyone's favorite acid trip, The Bugaloos (they're in the air and everywhere...), the almighty Land of the Lost, and my personal source of female empowerment (along with Isis), Electra Woman & Dynagirl. They were my Saturday morning!

Then there was PBS, the reason I was okay with staying home sick from school. Electric Company, Zoom, which has actually relaunched for kids today, (do I need to mention Sesame Street, or is it a given?), 3-2-1 Contact, and Reading Rainbow (which is still going, much due to to the efforts of host LeVar Burton) kept my brain functioning while I lay like a dying cow on my couch.

The 70s were a great time to be a kid. I'm sure our kids will look back and say the same thing, but somehow, I can't find Bugs Bunny on TV anymore. There are some fun and good TV shows on for kids now - I happen to like a lot of the Teen Nick shows on Nickelodeon like Drake & Josh and Ned's School Survival Guide - but nothing for me takes the place of the 70s stuff. I guess that's what nostalgia is all about, isn't it? At least my boys both love Scooby Doo as much as I do, and seem to think Scrappy was pretty useless, too.

But man... with all the shows we used to watch coming out on video, my DVD collection will rival my kids.

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