Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tiresome Tuesdays

I'm tired and cranky. But I did manage to fit in a workout this morning; 20 minutes of aerobics and 20 of weight training. I am fitting into those Bermuda shorts this summer! (Technically, I fit them now but they're snug, I want those suckers baggy).

All the coffee in the world isn't making a dent today. Bleah.

I am excited, though, because I made my very first appointment for BookExpo. Whoo hoo! For anyone who doesn't know what BookExpo is, it's basically the promised land. Okay, it's the biggest book convention in the U.S. each year. But everyone is there. The freebies are free-flowing. There are books and publishers as far as the eye can see. I love books. ::drool:: So I'm going, representing Cosimo, and meeting so far with our print-on-demand supplier. So it's exciting.

Little things happen and make me feel good. Today, it was a conference call with the print on demand supplier, talking books and industry talk and having the nicest feeling that I know what I'm doing again.

So why am I cranky? Nature's reasons. ;-)

Still moderating my lonely Rego Park message board on ClubMom. You can hear the crickets. I'm going to try and appeal to some parents in the next issue of the Parents Voice, the PS139 parents newsletter. I finally get an actual message board to moderate and no one posts!

Still struggling through the accursed Winkie, which has to be one of the most mind-numbing books I've read to date. I have to get through the last of it this weekend so I can write the reader report and get it out the door. I have to finish Queen of this Realm, I've been reading it for months! There are books piling up!


Stacey said...

when is book expo?

Roe said...

May 19-21, I'm going on the 19th, flying home early on the 20th and going straight to Will's birthday party. Pass the coffee.

Stacey said...

I didn't realize it ws away... that's great!

Linda Sheridan said...

That's sweet that it's in D.C.! Too bad you have to rush out, but family is first. I'm sure you'll have plenty of loot for the boys! Better bring a large suitcase! :)

Roe said...

Oh man, I'm bringing a tote bag WITHIN my suitcase...